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Overcome your creative blocks & make more art



Starting Tuesday 13th September 2022
Do you want to overcome the blocks to your creativity and see the possibilities that lie beyond them?
Do you want to learn how to develop and sustain your practice so that you can make more art?
Do you want to deepen your creative confidence and share your work with the world?  
Join me, Catriona Towriss, as I guide you to Find Flow with your creative practice - whatever that might be.

In this deep-dive course, I will share tools for overcoming perfectionism and fear of failure, teach you how to cultivate inspiration and execute your ideas, guide you to establish a nurturing routine for your art-making and support your creative growth - now and into the future. 

With ten live classes, weekly individual exercises, and one individual consultation with me, this course is designed for people who want to develop and sustain their creative practice, make their art with inspiration and joy, and share it with confidence. 

Finding Flow is suitable for you if you have any kind of creative practice - visual art, writing, photography, music, performance or something else - and whether you want to create full-time, recreationally or somewhere in-between.

Stop doubting your ability
And make the most of your talent

Finding Flow is a twelve-week online course running from 13th September until 13th December 2022.

This is a course is for people who want to feel confident
about taking their creativity more seriously

The course includes ten live group classes, carefully-designed weekly individual reflection and implementation exercises and an end-of-course individual consultation with me.


Live classes will take place on Tuesdays from 19.00 - 21.00 SAST/17.00 - 19.00 UTC/GMT on Zoom.


To ensure a rich learning experience, this course is limited to a maximum of fifteen people.

Payment options:


1 x payment of GBP 330
(approx. ZAR 6,600/USD 395)


3 x instalments of GBP 115
(approx. USD 135/ZAR 2400)

Ready to Find Flow?

I am Catriona Towriss, and I am an artist and a creative coach. But just four years ago, I was a full-time lecturer in Population Studies with a once-a-week life drawing practice and a childhood dream of being an artist. Now my life is built around my creativity. 

In order to make this happen, I have moved through SO many doubts and fears about my ability to be an artist, learnt how to cultivate inspiration and execute ideas, made a routine that supports my creativity and found the confidence to share my art

with the world. 

I don’t want you to spend years trying to figure all of that out alone! I work with people like you, who want to develop their creative confidence and make more of their art. I have supported people with all kinds of artistic practices, at all levels of experience from across the world, to find their creative flow.

My former client Kristin Neudorf talks about how she


Learn how to make and share your art
with joy and ease

Finding Flow is taught to a maximum of fifteen people
over ten 2-hour live-classes
in three in-depth modules:








Finding your inspiration

Overcoming creative blocks

Making your ideas happen

Finding ease with the phases of creative projects

Finding your most creative future

Developing & sustaining your practice 

Confidently staying on track.

Overcoming the fear of being seen

Introducing your creative self

Finding & connecting with your audience.

Mid-way through the course, there will be a break from the live-classes to give you an opportunity to absorb the lessons, complete the exercises, and implement the ideas you're discovering. 


In the last week of the course, instead of the live-class, you will be able to book an hour-long one-on-one consultation with me, with the opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity and discuss any challenges.

"When I first encountered Catriona, I hadn't written for years after a demoralising experience during my undergraduate creative writing degree. Six months later, I'm now collaborating with two artists on two different children's book projects and writing my own fantasy novel." 

- Tara Dear, UK.

Ready to Find Flow?

Some good questions:

Is the course for all kinds of creatives?

Yes! Finding Flow is for anyone with an existing creative practice: whether you are a visual artist, writer, musician, photographer, performer or something else entirely. The course focuses on the principles of creativity as a whole, so that you can apply them to your individual practice. 

Is the course suitable for me if I am not seeking commercial success from my creativity?

Yes it is! The course will support you to make more art, regardless of whether you want to make an income from it. The key to developing creative confidence is to give yourself the freedom to make your art without expecting it to provide for you financially. We will touch on the financial aspects of creativity, but it is not a focus of the course.

I have a lot of commitments in my life at the moment, will I be able to make the most of this course?

To make the most of the course, you will need to commit to attending the weekly live classes and to set aside one to two hours during the week to work through the individual reflection exercises. This investment of your time will maximise your chances of creative transformation during, and beyond, the course. 


What if I cannot make a live classes 

The live classes will happen on Tuesday evenings at 19.00 SAST (17.00 - 19.00 GMT/UTC), if you cannot attend a class the recording will be made available to you. In order to make the most of the course, you should commit to attending at least eight out of the ten sessions. If you think you cannot commit to this, I suggest you enroll on a future iteration of the course. 

Will Find Flow be offered again?

Almost certainly. Likely later in 2023. If now isn't the right time, there will be other opportunities. While I'd love for you to enroll, this course requires some time and commitment to do the work, and I'd rather see you take it when the timing is right for you. The only advantage in not waiting is that developing your creative practice takes time and starting now means you'll be so much further ahead by this time next year.

What are the purchasing options for Finding Flow?

You can make a one-off payment of GBP 330 (approximately ZAR 6,600/USD 395), or choose the option to pay in three instalments of GBP 115 (USD 135/ZAR 2400). You can pay using a credit/debit card through Wix Payments; which is a globally-trusted payment option that is easy and secure. 

What if I am not happy with the course?

It’s so important for me that this course provides value for you, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase just contact me in the first 21 days of the course starting and I will give you a full refund. 

More Questions? Need Help?

Send me an email here and
I will respond to you ASAP

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